Friday, April 8, 2011

Apple Pie Muffins

Yes, our topic of the day is more food... Lol... Marrah and I made yummy Apple Pie Muffins today. And we're going to be making more apple-y stuff in the next few days too. All because I've got a crisper full of em!

I decided to do a trial of our local organic delivery service (The Organic Box) and although we love it, the apples haven't been feeling the love since I'm mildly allergic (my Birch Pollen allergy manifesting itself in apples and cherries... Boo hoo hoo) and Marrah has been scarfing oranges by the ton. So we have 15 or so apples sitting in our crisper and I sooo don't want to waste them so I've been looking up apple recipes and we tried the first one tonight: Apple Pie Muffins - check them out!

They look yummy eh? And they are! (If you want the recipe, it is at: - love all!)

I really haven't had energy to do much lately so muffins are a feat for me right now. I'm loving all the spring weather we are having but I just feel like I get one step forward and two steps back where my house is concerned. Marrah still doesn't have her own room because my office hasn't been cleaned out because my basement is a mess again and it's driving me nuts.

Declan has started sleeping in his crib for at least one nap a day so I'm hoping that will lead to time to get the basement re-cleaned up for the millionth time so that I can move my office/crafty stuff down there and make Marrah her own big girl room. She keeps telling me she doesn't like her bed so she has been subtly hinting she wants her big girl bed set up... Mommy wil do it soon baby! I swear!

I guess I just have a bunch of mommy guilt for not getting every single thing I want done when I want it done. I know I need to get out of the house for my sanity but it seems the more sane I feel, the less gets done at home so I just can't win... Lol... I'll get it all done someday... When I win the lotto and hire a maid, that is... Lol

I'll leave you with an adorable video of Marrah's cooking adventures. Hugs all!

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