Sunday, May 30, 2010

Our first rainbow baby post...

Well, little bean, you are on the way... almost 7 weeks now and you are already making Mommy nauseous and oh so tired. I could sleep all day if your big sister would let me but she won't because Mommy would wake up to a BIG BIG MESS... LOL...

I'm sure your big brother is giving you all the ins and outs of being in Mommy's tummy and telling you to kick me lots so I don't have to worry. In a way I hope you're a little boy so that I can still experience having a little guy in my life here on Earth but in a way I'd like Marrah to have a little sister too... Only time will tell.

We might get into see the doctor that Mommy wanted. I was told that I wouldn't be allowed to switch doctors within the same practice but they said they would check since my old doctor doesn't deliver at the Sturgeon. I'll have had 3 obstreticians now if they do let me. I would've gone with the same doctor as your big brother but I'm too worried that something might happen and I won't be at a high-risk obstretician and I might lose you too. So, I chose the high-risk OB and we will see what happens. Mommy's friend went to him and she said he was great for putting her mind at ease so we will hope for the best.

I really truly hope that you will come out healthy and screaming in 31 weeks when you are born... Your big brother was so special to us and we lost him and I just don't know what we'd do without you too. I love you baby... keep growing big and strong for Mommy. Hugz and kisses.

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